Sustainable Solutions for Animal Feed

Sustainable Marine 

Protein & Omega 3 for Animal Feed & Egg Enrichment

Extracted Green Lipped Mussel Protein and Algae Omega 3 are Natural Feed Sources that make sense for Animal Nutrition

  • Sustainable Feed Alternative to Fish Meal and other animal proteins

    • High protein powder (min 50%)

    • A natural source of essential protein, fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and betaine

    • Natural feed attractant, improving feed consumption & growth

    • Improve feed efficiency, growth rate and end product 

    • Sustainably farmed Green Lipped Mussel, no feed inputs used in farming

  • Blend of Marine Protein and Algae Biomass rich in Omega 3 DHA  

    • All the benefits of Marine Protein GB with added Omega 3 DHA

    • Essential amino acids & fatty acids for growth and health of the animal

    • Omega 3 DHA from sustainable Algae

    • Natural feed attractant to improve feed uptake and growth consistency

  • Sustainable and stable form of Omega 3 DHA 

    • Algae powder high in Omega 3 

    • Stable powder for addition to feeds

    • A sustainable alternative to fish oil in an easy to use powder 

    • Algae is the original source of food for fish, making it ideal for animal health

  • Nature's Solution to Sustainable Omega 3 DHA 

    • Pure Algae oil rich in Omega 3 DHA, an alternative for fish oil in nutritional feeds

    • Essential fatty acids for growth and development

    • A sustainable alternative 

    • Algae is the original source of food for fish, making it ideal for animal health 

  • Complex nutritional solution made simple

    • Unique blend of marine proteins, omega 3 with essential vitamins and minerals for optimal growth and health

    • Essential nutrients in one product

    • Using sustainable Green Lipped Mussel for protein and algae biomass for Omega 3