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Dairy Farm

MT.X+® Wide-Spectrum Mycotoxin


More than 25% of harvested cereals are contaminated with various mycotoxins (Source: FAO). The main damage caused is immunosuppression due to polycontamination, which leads to lower performance. All animal species are sensitive to mycotoxins, even at low levels.

The key to combatting mycotoxins in feed is to use a wide-spectrum solution as polycontamination is the usual situation. A complete solution must be efficient for a wide spectrum of mycotoxins, including large and complex ones.

The Dosage for Feed

From 1 to 3 kg/T of feed according to animal-species, physiological stage and farm conditions.

Species include; Aquaculture, swine, poultry, dairy cows and horses.

Packaging: 25kg bags

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