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Who are we?

Our team at GBH all have two things in common, we love good food and we care about the health of our planet. With over 30 years of international experience with food and supplement supply chains, Green Blue Health was founded to support a greener food supply.


Our purpose is to provide high quality & sustainable nutritional solutions that are better for animals, humans and the planet.

"We want delicious, healthy and sustainable food to be available and affordable"

What is Green & Blue Health?


We are for the health of land and water. We have a passion for supporting sustainable farming with renewable feed sources such as macroalgae and green lipped mussel extract as an alternative for fish meal.

We Believe the Future Involves Sustainable Blue Farming.


Blue farming gets us excited about the future of food. The rapidly growing global population & food security concerns calls for local aquaculture to provide food without fishing out the lakes and oceans. 


We are passionate about alternatives to wild catch fish especially fish oil used for supplements and fish meal used as a fish feed. There are better ways...

Well Fed Food

Imagine eating juicy locally farmed prawns that are fed a high quality diet including delicious New Zealand green lipped mussels and renewable algae extracts.

Well fed animals results in a healthier food chain and amazing produce. With better quality animal products for consumers, we need less reliance on supplements to support our nutritional needs. 

"Our products are nutrient dense feed options, they support healthy animals producing an end product that is better for the whole food chain."

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