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Olmix Algae-based premixes 

for Animal Care

Sustainable Nutrition from the Sea

The Olmix range of Algae-based premixes support animal health and reduce reliance on chemicals and antibiotics, improving animal performance.​ Used by farmers, feed mills and veterinarians globally with consistent results.

Nutrition &

Protein Content

Pernatein™ provides a minimum 50% protein  Green Lipped mussel, an alternative to fish meal for aquaculture



MFeed+® maximizes performance and FCR by improving digestive function and making the feed more efficient

Immunity & Performance

ALGIMUN® improves the integrity of the gut and improves defence systems against pathogens and stress. 



MT.X+® provides wide-spectrum absorption of mycotoxins. The solution for lowering the risk of mycotoxins in feed.  

Economical and Efficient

The complete range of feed additives are formulated at 1-2kg per tonne of feed to see the benefits in animal health and performance.

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